I am Ron. I am Ron.
My legs are hairy and my beard is long.
I walk around in quite large shoes,
I play video games but I usually lose.

Pokemon, One Piece, OTPs
but some of those are private, geeze!
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I’ll be at SPX in Maryland this September 13th and 14th!
I’ll be sharing a table with Magnolia Porter of Monster Pulse, so you better come by and see us!

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teeny tiny koichi

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Berserker Armor gats figure from Berserk by Art of War, look how glorious this figure is!

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ron-kun choose the 5th one! it is shiny

Peace-kun is truly great.„.

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im torn between icons right now….

Fuck, my tea.
—me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via peachiecreme)

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"Fan meet up!!"

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Art by: Mitsuhiro Arita (1997)
the rocket cards were so good

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